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Third DWI Offense in Wall, N.J.

If you were arrested for a third offense of driving while intoxicated (“DWI”) in Wall, you are facing extreme penalties for a DWI conviction. The best way of avoiding these consequences is, in our view, retaining the most qualified defense lawyer you can afford. We believe that our firm is certainly one that could be described in these terms. The attorneys at our firm have been successfully defending third DWI offenses in Wall Township for decades, helping individuals avoid jail and other pitfalls associated with a conviction. An attorney from our office would be happy to discuss the facts of your case and how we would go about assisting you. Initial consultations are always free of charge so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mandatory Jail Term. The biggest repercussion of a third conviction is jail. The term of imprisonment is a mandatory 180 days. While it may have been the practice to suspend jail years ago, the legislature has now outlawed any ability to suspend jail, the only exception is authority on the part of the sentencing judge on a third or subsequent offense to convert up to 90 days of the term to inpatient rehabilitation time. This relief is, however, discretionary and the Wall Municipal Court judge is not obligated to grant this relief.

License Suspension. The period a license is suspended on a third offense in Wall Township is ten (10) years. There is no provision for hardship or work licenses in New Jersey so the only way to avoid this ramification is to successfully contest the charge and/or treatment as a third.

Surcharge. The state requires payment of a $1,500 per year surcharge for a period of three years following conviction on a third offense. This surcharge cannot be avoided if someone wishes to maintain a drivers license in New Jersey.

How Can We Help? Although it may sound far fetched, the truth is that we are successful in a high percentage of third offense cases in avoiding the mandatory jail term. The way we typically achieve this result is by seeking post-conviction relief on prior DWI convictions so that the pending case is no longer a third offense for purposes of jail, etc. In point of fact, I can freshly recall two recent cases in Wall Township where we were able to avoid jail for a fourth offender and third offender through this practice. It should also be noted that there are those cases where we can avoid guilt altogether on a DWI.

You can reach an experienced Wall NJ DWI attorney at our firm 24/7 for assistance with your Wall Township DWI. A lawyer is ready to help you now.