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Wall Township DWI Lawyers

Were you arrested or otherwise charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) in Wall New Jersey? If you have, you should know that you have a real opportunity to defend the charge and there probably is a good chance to avoid many penalties. How do we know this, because we have been defending DWI cases in the town for decades and our lead attorney, Jonathan F. Marshall, has even served as the prosecutor in the Wall Township Municipal Court. Mr. Marshall and the other members of his defense team represent the largest drunk driving firm in the state and happen to not only be former prosecutors in Monmouth county and based in the county, but also have an office located in Wall. An attorney on our staff is available 24/7 to assist you and initial consultations are without charge.

Whether you are charged with a first offense, second offense or third offense, there is no opportunity to plea bargain your DWI. The only way to achieve a dismissal and/or downgrade of your charge is presentation of a bona fide issue to contest conviction. For example, was there probable cause and/or a valid basis for the motor vehicle stop leading to the DWI arrest? Perhaps, the blood sample or breath test is flawed. Another issue might stem from the validity of the field sobriety tests. If you want the best opportunity to uncover and successfully argue an issue, you need representation by a lawyer who is highly experienced in DWI — maybe a former prosecutor who has analyzed many police stops, one who is certified on the Alcotest Machine and knows the ins and outs of the device, or an attorney who arguably knows more about field sobriety testing than the Wall police officer or state trooper who made the arrest.

The attorneys at our firm truly possess unique and exceptional qualifications. Indeed, we honestly believe that there is no other firm in the state, and certainly not Monmouth County, with the collective credentials we can offer to defend your Wall Township DWI. Give us a call now for immediate assistance with a first offense, second offense or even a third or subsequent offense and speak to one of our attorneys during a free initial consultation.